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Our Services

Screen printing

Screen printing is the process of transferring a stenciled design through a mesh screen using ink and a squeegee. This is our most popular and common service. It is ideal for jobs with over 12 garments (there are other methods below for low quantity jobs) because of the set up time and the screen processing. It yields a quality print that will last over years.


We specialize in screen printing on various types of garments such as t-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, backpacks, beanies, hats, etc. We use several techniques such as Puff, Gel, High Density, Spot color, and Process printing.


Normal turnaround time on an order is 7-10 business days. Rush orders can be accommodated but include an additional fee.


Embroidery is a technique of embellishing fabric or other materials using a needle to apply colored thread to form a logo or image.


Before embroidering a design or logo it must be digitized which is the process by which you plot the stitches by color to form the desired image. There is a fee for this process and it is charged per thousand stitch basis.


There is a minimum size run of 6 pieces and we have the ability to embroider up to 15 colors on a design. 


Normal turnaround time on an order is 7-10 business days. Rush orders can be accommodated but include an additional fee.

Direct-to-Garment (DTG)

DTG is the process by which we can print any cotton base garment both single and multi color prints one at a time.


Unlike screenprinting, there are no setup charges or minimum size runs for DTG orders. Making this ideal for orders with a lot of colors and few garments.


We use a water- based environmentally-friendly ink. SANS has the capacity to print up to 750 prints per day.


The turnaround time per order is up to 7 business days.

Direct-to-Film (DTF) Printing

DTF printing is a unique printing technology that involves printing designs onto special films for transfer onto garments.


DTF offers significant flexibility as to the type of fabrics that can be printed on including cotton, polyester, rayon, nylon, silk, leather and more. This method also does not have a minimum and is commonly used for material that cannot be printed via direct to garment such as athletic wear. 

Heat Transfers

Heat Transfers, such as vinyl are especially useful for one color customization such as names and numbers for all of the members of a team. We cut vinyl names and numbers in house to deliver maximum customizability and turn around time. 

Other examples of heat transfers could include a wide array of material and textures ordered from business that specialize in heat transfers such as Stahls.